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The Best Web Investments You Should Make This Year

The Best Web Investments You Should Make This Year

Secure Your Company and Web Presence

You don't need to look far to understand that security breaches are happening everywhere and hackers do not seem to discriminate; leaving all organizations vulnerable for an attack. The media surrounding cyber security isn't a scare tactic; network and website attacks are real and prevalent. The good news is that many new protection services are affordable and effective for small and medium size businesses, and well worth the investment.

DC Web Designers offers a variety of products and services specific to our client needs. Our partner, Bricata, offers leading edge Cyber Security solutions designed to detect and prevent attacks by hackers, discover internal threats and ensure that your system is not invaded by malware.

For more information, please email Mark Cyphers or call 410-740-9181 to discuss the best way to protect your organization. For more information on Bricata next generation cyber security solutions, visit their website:

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design translates to mobile compatible websites. By utilizing multiple style sheets for your website, DC Web Designers can now build your organization one website that will be fully compatible for any device.

DCWD Responsive Web Design examples:

To speak with a DCWD team member to discuss adding mobile compatibility to your website, call us at 410-740-9181 or email our website support team.

*** 4/21/2015:  As of today, Google is degrading search results for all websites that are not mobile friendly. A drastic change to the search result algorithm is paying favoritism to mobile-friendly websites, and pushing non compatible sites down or even off the most popular result positions.  Please read our blog Surviving Google's Mobilegeddon. DC Web Designers HIGHLY RECOMMENDS YOU EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THESE CHANGES AND CALL US TO DISCUSS MOVING YOU TO A MOBILE FRIENDLY (RESPONSIVE) WEB DESIGN.  CALL US AT 410-740-9181

Sticky Websites

Sticky webpage elements are popping up everywhere, and seem to be sticking around! First responders seem to like them and even went as far as calling them effective. So, what is a sticky element? They are web page components, most frequently a piece of content or call to action important enough to follow users around as they navigate a web page. You will usually find them on the far left or far right edge of the browser, usually in the vertical center of the browser. However, when a user scrolls up or down a page, instead of the page element leaving the viewable area it remains grounded in a constant location..

To speak with a DCWD team member to discuss adding a sticky element to your website, call us at 410-740-9181 or email our website support team.

Website Sustainability

In the olden days (2014), most companies made similar mistakes protecting their web investment.  Whether it was due to lack of resources, ineffective tools, or not knowing what to do, they would spend a large dollar amount redesigning their website but fail to sustain it's health following the launch. 

DC Web Designers has proven that properly nourishing the health of the website by making smart changes on an ongoing basis costs less money, increases traffic, and improves the success of our client websites.  

DC Web Designers provides a post launch support plan that provides services that impact the success of our client sites.  Typical client goals are to increase web traffic, convert more users to customers, improve sales, modernize their brand, and create effective messaging,  By creating a detailed plan of execution outlined in our custom Road Map document we provide ongoing services that help achieve those goals over time.  

Our support plan, SiteFit, is highly recommended for clients who have recently launched a new website and are interested in protecting their web investment by improving the success of their site.  SiteFit is a flexible program that requires no long term contract (month to month agreement), and yields results in as little as thirty days.  

To learn more about SiteFit and other support plan options call us at 410-740-9181 or email our website support team.  

Video Content

Video content is the obvious progression for the web and the content it delivers. After all, YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. To learn more about adding video content to your website, call us at 410-740-9181 or email our website support team.

Mobile Web Apps Replacing Native Apps

Personally, we think native apps have run their course. They are quite inconvenient to build and deploy for developers and costly because they need to be built for multiple operating systems.   Mobile websites, using Responsive Web Design are much lighter weight, provide an optimal viewing experience, and offer similar functionality to many native web apps.  

For those of you wondering what we are talking about, a native app is what you will see at the app store. It requires a long process for approval and an annoying heavy download for the end users. Mobile apps use a browser, no download needed, and run like a typical website. For developers, they are much easier to build and deploy.

If you are interested in getting a mobile solution for your organization, we recommend a responsive website. To learn more about mobile website apps and Responsive Web Design call us at 410-740-9181 or email our website support team.  

Company Intranets

DC Web Designers has an amazing new offering for our clients. Our SmartSite Content Management System has the capabilities to run multiple websites, including a secure, password protected Intranet. Intranets are used for organizations who wish to have a website dedicated to the internal needs of the staff. It is an effective way to keep employees up to speed on company policies, relevant documents, news/events, and other company information that needs to be secure.

Find out how we can turn your SmartSite Content Management System into an enterprise level Internet Management System, call us at 410-740-9181 or email our website support team.

Deep Analytics

DC Web Designers provides analytical software, conversion tools, and social media management that measure the success of your website, provide valuable data about your website visitors, and offer data on the effectiveness of your messaging and calls to action.   

In addition, DC Web Designers provides daily, weekly, or monthly reports with a breakdown of what the data means and how it can be used to make the site more successful, For a live demo please call us at 410-740-9181 or email our website support team

Multi-Lingual and Localization Solutions

DC Web Designers offers a full suite of multi-lingual and localization solutions that enable you to turn your website into a global resource for users around the world. Localize your site for any user by integrating the Go-Global SmartSite module that enables you to add multiple languages as independent websites that can include translations in messaging, web content, and image captions.

Call DC Web Designers to Go-Global at 410-740-9181 or email our website support team

Monday, April 27, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Lessons from Dad

When I was young, I had a love/hate relationship with going to work with my dad. I loved the idea of going to work, spending quality time with my father, and of course, the soda and snacks from the break room.  What I didn’t like so much was walking around the office and having to talk to everyone.  Of the many lessons that he has taught me time and time again, there are 3 that always stick out:

  1. Always tuck in your shirt.
  2. When meeting someone for the first time, always look them in the eyes and give a firm handshake.
  3. When you speak to people, always be confident and engaging.

Sound simple? Well, that’s because it is, and looking back now, there are a lot of ways that these same “guidelines” can and should be used for your website.


Tuck in your shirt

Honestly, I didn’t understand this one at first and always disliked it, at the age of six, I wanted to take off my shirt rather than tuck it into my pants, but this was the easiest and most important step of all. It showed that I was in control of the way I looked and respected myself. To my dad, presenting yourself in a positive manner showed that discipline and details were important.

The same goes for your website. You are in control of how your website looks, and having a site that is sloppy of unkempt gives the viewer the same feeling about your organization. How does your website reflect your company? Does it give off the look and feeling that you are going for? Does it give a strong idea of the quality of the work or services that you provide?


Look the person in the eye, give them firm hand shake and friendly greeting

It was important to my dad that when he introduced me to someone, I knew how to handle myself. I was to look them in the eye and greet them with a firm handshake, letting them know it was nice to meet them. Being shy and hiding behind him, as I always wanted to do, was not an option. He taught me to be assertive and make the best of these introductions.

From a web perspective, this can be compared to the time after the visitor has passed judgment on the look and feel of your site, and they are now measuring up the entire website. Relevancy for web users can take many different forms, but the main idea is that when they visit your site, they are provided with relevant material and calls to action for why they are there in the first place. The content on your homepage will determine how the rest of “conversation” will go. Does your website greet and engage your visitors, showing them that your company is happy they are on your site and they are in the right place to find what they need?



Speak to the person and be confident and engaging

Now comes the hard part, and my dad never let me off the hook on this one. “Can’t I just say hi and then move on to the next person?” I would plea to him.  Not a chance. I wasn’t going to get away with looking down at my shuffling feet, mumbling simple yes or no answers, either. When talking to someone, I was to look at them and be engaged.  


Websites have the unique advantage that the user views your site for a specific reason, whether though a search or directly typing in the URL, so all you need to do is “speak” to their needs to keep them engaged. This is done through the content of the site, and a well-designed website gives you the ability to engage all types of visitors and steer the “conversation”. Don’t make the common mistake of dumping tons of information on the viewer, hoping that they find something they like. Instead, address your targets and strategize your content placement to be what they want. Just like talking to someone, there is a clear difference between a meaningful exchange and just going through the motions.


I have learned and continue to learn lessons from my dad, but knowing that I’m in control of how others view me and that first impressions last translate in many areas of my life, including a career in website design. 

Also, remember:

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

-- Will Rogers

Monday, August 11, 2014 at 12:00 AM

You can tell a lot about a company by who hires them.

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