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Why Your IT Department Should Never Be Involved in Your Website Project

My fellow techies are not going to like this post.  

I am about to throw them all under the bus.

However, if your organization is embarking on a web project, what I am about to write is very important to the success of your project. 


There, I said it, now let me explain.  

Most IT departments are staffed with technical individuals who know a lot about networks, server configurations, software, and connectivity. They are typically not well versed in web technologies.  Believe me, there is a major difference.

Website projects have a few key components that can make or break the success of the project.

1. Understanding the target audiences, the language they speak, and their needs.
2. Clearly defined organizational and website goals.
3. Web design that is user-centric, and built specifically for your targets.
4. Clever and well thought out messaging and calls to action.
5. Well written content and informational architecture (how the content is organized and labeled on the website).
6. Proper tools to manage the website content.
7. Measuring the successes and opportunities for improvements.  

Your IT department most likely has none of these skillsets in their bag of tricks.  Typically they will pretend to be well versed in the software needed to manage the website content, but the majority of the time they make poor recommendations.  Content Management Systems (the software used to manage website content) are constantly evolving and unless you are “in the web space” it would be impossible to know which products are well suited for your organizational needs.

If you do need to get them involved, one area they can participate in is the programming language, database, and server environment they would like to see used for the project.  However, this is only relevant if you are hosting the website internally, or they are web programmers who have experience in a particular programming language or server environment. 

I have seen many projects go in the completely wrong direction because an organization feels compelled to receive input from their IT department.  I know looking to them for recommendations seems like a logical move, but the reality is, it may be the worst decision a business can make.  

A good design and development firm will make the proper website project recommendations for your organization, with the operative word being GOOD.  They do this stuff every day.  They live, breathe, and eat this stuff for breakfast.  It makes the most sense to trust them and not your internal staff for this kind of decision making.  

If you are starting a website project, and are looking for some initial direction for your project, pick up the phone and give DC Web Designers a call at 410-740-9181.


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