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Homepage Slider Best Practices

As most website designers know, jQuery homepage sliders are a great way to merchandise important information you want your users to consume.  Just because the click through rate on sliders typically seems to be low, it doesn't necessarily mean your users are not reading them.  Below are a few things to consider when setting up or modifying your homepage sliders.

Slider Messaging Ideas

Corporate Message:  A lot of companies use a corporate message as their opening frame.  This concept is a great way to introduce who you are and what you do to new potential customers.

Competitive Separation:  If your organization is doing or selling something that is more effective than your competitor set, use a frame in your slider to demonstrate the valuable differences.  An example could be something along the lines of...

“7 out of 10 blind folded volunteers preferred the taste of Pepsi over Coke.”

Products and Services:  If your organization has product and service offering you are hoping to sell or develop interest in, use a slider frame to showcase them.

Specials / Promotions:  If you are running a promotion or special, showcase it within a slider frame.

The new era of web design is one full of homepage animation and graphic images. These images should convey your business's message in a clear and enticing manner. The goal of the marketing campaign should be to appeal to the potential client’s emotions. This way, they are more inclined to choose you as a vendor for their services. The most important thing to remember when developing the concepts for your new jQuery sliders is to promote yourself and your business as a leader in the industry. In terms of responsive web design, these images adjust to fit different devices for viewer convenience. In a time when new web design features are being developed at a daily rate, you need to stay ahead of your competitors in the race for business.

Tips and Tricks

Tell a story or use like items:  The last thing you want to do is be all over the place when positioning your company messaging.  When utilized incorrectly, sliders are a quick way to get in trouble and confuse users if you aren't smart about the approach.  For instance, don’t say…March Madness Sale...followed by…Like us on Facebook…followed by...A Promise from our President…

You will be much better off targeting one topic and telling a story that comes to life through each frame.

Use Call to Actions:  Make sure users know that there is more content to come.  Create calls to action with each frame to drive users to the content relevant to the slider messaging.

Provide Hints:  Let users know that more frames are to come, or they can navigate through to other frames using arrows or thumbnails.

Track Your Users

It is great practice to track your user behavior.  Using analytic software, it is easy to set up tracking on each slider frame to see how many times it is viewed and clicked. 


A great suggestion for a homepage slider is don’t use one if you don’t need it.  However, if you have a slider on your homepage it is very important it isn't an afterthought.  It needs a purpose.  If you can tell a story, create an emotional response, and get users to click on the material you hoped they would, you have succeeded.  Good Luck!


You can tell a lot about a company by who hires them.

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