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Wednesday, 05 April, 2017

Director of Operations

Director of Operations 

DC Web Designers is looking for a seasoned operator to oversee both the operations and production of our projects and personnel.  

The right candidate will have a strong background in web project management, employee management, and operations.  

The major responsibilities for this position is to make certain that the business is both effective and efficient, producing high quality and profitable websites and web projects.  Our Director of Operations will oversee our production teams and clients and evaluate every aspect of the current processes in producing websites and support plans.

An effective Director of Operations will improve the project processes, provide guidance in pricing our services, effectively evaluate and manage the production team, and report directly to the CEO and COO on their findings and recommendations for improvement.  

We believe the right candidate will have a background in project management for web design and development projects as well as an operations background in running a small business team.  The candidate will be completely self-sufficient and confident in their ability to make big decisions that have a positive impact on the organization.    

Required Skills

  • Understand the services, processes, and management needs of high-end, website and technology projects
  • Understand, evaluate, and make operational decisions that will improve the quality and profitability of web projects
  • Increase bottom line revenue
  • Promote top line revenue growth through effectively managing projects and customer relations
  • Providing leadership to foster a positive client experience at all service points while sill effectively managing bottom line
  • Effective communication, speaking, and writing skills that will assist in improving and maintaining healthy relationships with employees and clients
  • Project assessments and reporting capabilities
  • Project management software, Microsoft Office, and other software abilities related to web projects, accounting, project management, web design / development
  • Web and technology skills are a huge plus, but not essential
  • Ability to properly evaluate employees
  • Good hiring, firing, and interview capabilities
  • Self-sufficient problem solving
  • Web and technology skills are a huge plus, but not essential


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Measure and provide reporting on the profitability of our projects and employees
  • Evaluate, measure, and make recommendations on the efficiency of our project and support plan processes
  • Create and foster positive client relationships that lead to improved retention and future sales
  • Assess the services we offer versus our client needs and effectively present presentations and solutions that will improve the success of their website and ultimately profitability
  • Help collaborate on tools and processes that improve our client and employee interactions and relationships
  • Meet and work with the CEO and COO on locating business opportunities in the web and technical markets that will improve profitability, project effectiveness, and client relationships
  • Create reports each month on projects, employees, and sales channels.
  • Provide leadership, training, and effective management skills for our employees and clients.
  • Providing leadership to foster a positive client experience at all service points while sill effectively managing bottom line. 


Please contact Mark Cyphers - mark@dcwebdesigners or Stacey Certner - stacey@dcwebdesigners regarding this position.

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United States

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